Over the course of 50 years we have grown to become a global company that develops innovative solutions for our customers, and manages the best interests of our investors, our employees, society and other stakeholders. Read on to discover what we achieved in 2018.



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The demand for smaller, faster and cheaper semiconductor chips continues to rise, driven by advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, smartphones and the Internet of Things.


Our technology is the first step towards making it all possible, as our R&D investment in new materials, new products and new processes means we can help our customers develop their technology roadmap, and further extend Moore’s Law.


In 2018, this led to the introduction of the Synergis ALD tool, which leverages the core technologies from our Pulsar and EmerALD ALD products for high productivity thermal ALD applications. The new Synergis tool allows us to address more ALD applications and therefore increases our served market. Together with our other products and services, this contributed to our strong financial results, which included:

  • net sales of €818 million;
  • bookings of €942 million;
  • operating result of €124 million; and
  • operating cash flow of €137 million.


Strategy & business

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We operate in a fast-paced industry that continues to reshape the world, and our innovative technology enables the semiconductor industry to achieve advancements in computing, communications, energy, transportation, medicine and beyond.
To ensure that we can continue to make a difference to our customers, employees, and company stakeholders, in 2018 we concentrated on the following three key elements of our strategy.


In addition to our fundamental R&D efforts, we continuously expand and deepen our strategic cooperation with key customers, suppliers, chemical manufacturers, and research institutes. This approach enables us to remain innovative and swiftly meet the changing demands of our customers.


We are a key player in the deposition equipment segments for ALD and epitaxy, and a focused niche player for PECVD and vertical furnaces. As a leader in the segment, ALD has turned into a key growth driver for our business, from which we support virtually all of the leading customers in the semiconductor industry. Our newest ALD tool, Synergis, is designed to address a wide range of existing and new ALD applications, effectively increasing the market we serve.


In addition to our internal optimization programs, we are working with our suppliers to improve fundamental quality through statistical methods and process controls. In addition to addressing the technology needs of our customers, we also focus on further increasing equipment throughput and equipment reliability, thereby lowering the cost per wafer of our wafer processing systems.


Performance review

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In 2018, we achieved revenue growth of 11% reaching a record high revenue of €818 million, with sales increasing mainly in the logic, DRAM and analog segments. By industry segment, our 2018 revenue stream was led by memory, closely followed by the logic and foundry segments.


While our ALD product lines continued to be our key sales driver in 2018, accounting for more than half of total equipment revenue, our other product lines also contributed strongly. In our epitaxy product line we increased sales, following the strong growth we achieved in 2017, and we saw additional sales increases in PECVD and vertical furnaces.


Our industry experienced continued growth in 2018, with worldwide semiconductor industry sales increasing by around 14%. This was driven by high memory prices and broad-based electronics demand for cloud services, mobile devices, automotive and industrial applications. These drivers helped the wafer fab equipment market grow by around 10% in 2018.



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Our 2018 sales grew to record levels, reaching €818 million. ALD continued to be the key driver, although the other product lines also made a strong contribution.
We benefited from a further increase in wafer fab equipment spending following the very strong market growth in 2017. Our operating profit increased to €124.3 million from €113.2 million in 2017, while the operating profit margin remained stable.


New bookings increased by 22% in 2018 to €942 million, with equipment bookings for ASMI as a whole led by logic, followed by foundry and then memory. Total research and development (R&D) expenses, excluding impairment charges, decreased by 1% in 2018 compared to 2017, mainly as a result of higher capitalization of development expenses.


Financial statements

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Our 2018 sales grew to record levels, reaching €818 million. ALD continued to be the key driver, although the other product lines also made a strong contribution.
We benefited from a further increase in wafer fab equipment spending following the very strong market growth in 2017. Our operating profit increased to €124.3 million from €113.2 million in 2017, while the operating profit margin remained stable.


New bookings increased by 22% in 2018 to €942 million, with equipment bookings for ASMI as a whole led by logic, followed by foundry and then memory. Total research and development (R&D) expenses, excluding impairment charges, decreased by 1% in 2018 compared to 2017, mainly as a result of higher capitalization of development expenses.


Other Information

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During 2018, we returned approximately €607 million to shareholders in the form of dividends, share buybacks and the capital return. This was up from €281 million in 2017 and €140 million in 2016.
Over the 2010-2018 period, we returned more than €1.6 billion to the financial markets through dividends, share buybacks, return of capital, and buyback of convertible bonds.


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In 2018, we paid a dividend of €0.80 per common share and we will propose to the forthcoming AGM to declare a dividend of €1.00 per share for 2019. The proposed 2019 dividend will mark the ninth consecutive year that we have paid a dividend.

Find out more how we are committed to positively contributing to society and reducing our impact on the environrment


In 2018 we were successful in recruiting the people we needed to support our company’s growth, ranging from technicians building our products, to service engineers delivering high-quality support to our clients and people in R&D driving our innovations.

Our total workforce grew from 2,043 persons to 2,327 persons which includes 2,181 employees, a total increase of 14%. This required hiring 659 people, an increase of 5% compared to 2017.

The number of employees within R&D positions increased by 9% to 544, which reflects 25% of ASMI’s total workforce.

The voluntary attrition rate of ASMI is the total number of permanent employees that voluntarily left the company. Over 2018 our voluntary attrition rate was 9.9%. At the end of 2018, as part of our continuous monitoring of ASMI’s workforce trends, we conducted a deep-dive analysis, focusing on short-term voluntary attrition (leavers with < 3 years tenure).

In 2018, we completed the assessment of 271 critical positions as part of our Succession and Talent review process.

Through our exit interview process, we investigate and analyze reasons for turnover, to help improve our HR processes and policies. The feedback received from exit interviews is also used to drive improvements and help retain talent going forward.


ASMI is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize and respect the differences between individuals and we understand that these differences can include ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, physical ability, experience, and perspective.

While operating in 16 countries, in 2018 we continued to employ a workforce consisting of 29 nationalities, In terms of gender, 15% of our workforce is female, which is comparable to peers in our industry.

Our diversity is reflected in the international spread of our workforce, which for 2018 was 59% in Asia, 25% in America and 16% in Europe.


Our Code of Ethics applies to our Supervisory Board and Management Board, and to all our employees, consultants, contractors, temporary employees and critical suppliers. The Code of Ethics promotes honest and ethical conduct throughout our global operations. The full Code of Ethics can be found on our website.


For new employees, training starts on the day they begin working with ASMI. They are required to familiarize themselves with the Code of Ethics and associated policies and processes within the first week of employment and complete all the required training. In 2018, 100% of our new hires signed off on having read, understood and agreed to the Code of Ethics and completed the required training. In addition to the initial training, we also require all our employees to take refresher training every two years. In 2018, 99.9% of all our employees completed the bi-annual Code of Ethics courses.


Under the governance of our Ethics Committee, which reports to the Management Board, we continually track our performance against our goals and improve our ethics management system and performance. We continue to strive for zero ethics violations.

In 2018, one concern was reported through our SpeakUp! system, while four cases were reported via other channels to the Ethics Committee. All incidents were fully investigated and, in those cases involving violations to our Code of Ethics, appropriate actions were taken according to internal policies. The Ethics Committee reviewed all cases and approved the measures taken.


We work continuously to both increase awareness of and promote ethical behavior. In 2018, we issued two publications to all employees through our global CONNECT! internal newsletter. The articles highlighted relevant topics, such as ethics in product development and giving or receiving gifts and entertainment.


In 2018, we improved our gifts and entertainment protocol. We implemented a corresponding system that enables ASMI to monitor the use of giving and receiving gifts and entertainment.


In 2018, we had no reports or evidence of any human rights violations or abuses within our global hiring or employment practices.


Our safety goal is ZERO HARM! Any incident or injury inspires us to push ourselves further to identify the risk and prevent the exposure. We continue to set an annual target that strives for achievement of our ultimate goal, ZERO HARM!

Our key performance measures are aligned with our industry and peers, and allow us to benchmark our performance year-on-year. The key measures include an overall injury rate indicator and a recordable injury rate indicator, which is an indicator of serious injuries requiring medical attention or days away from work.

In 2018, our total injury rate showed a 4.8% improvement from 2018, while our recordable injury rate improved over 11%. Both indicators are at a record low since we started measuring 12 years ago.


To ensure ASM’s business growth strategy and to support the company's future, it’s our mission to continue to attract, develop and retain the required workforce.


One of the most important connections we make is with the communities in which we operate. As a global company, we have roots in local communities in Europe, North America and across Asia. In 2018, we participated in a number of new community efforts. In all cases, we are proud to provide support for programs that are important to our employees and that address important community needs.

In 2018, teams at our Singapore locations, volunteered to help stamp out hunger. The Singapore team collaborated with the Food Bank Singapore, a charity that aims to fight hunger and reduce food wastage in Singapore. They acquire donated food, and make it available to those in need through a network of member beneficiaries. Employees in Singapore were asked to bring non-perishable food items to the company. In August, 341kg of food was packed and delivered to the Singapore Food Bank.

In the summer, temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona can reach extremely high levels.  Under such conditions, people need clean, cool drinking water to stabilize their core body temperature and reduce the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. However, not everyone has access to such an important commodity. So ASM Phoenix employees worked together in the month of July to collect and donate 321 cases of water to members of the elderly and homeless communities in Phoenix. The water drive provided over 14,000 recyclable bottles of water for underserved and at risk persons in our community.

JetNet aims to inspire children and teenagers to learn more about technology and to stimulate them to consider a technical education and career. ASMI actively supports JetNet as partner organization. We joined the platform in 2015, by developing a close relationship with Almere High School to promote Technology classes.

In 2018, we engaged on four different occasions with students from Almere High School. In March, ASMI participated in the EU program ‘Something4nothing’. ASMI presented a marketing related business case to the project team with students from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. The student teams delivered a proposed solution after a week.

During the summer period, ASMI hosted a Girls and Boys day with an introduction to students of “the world of ASMI” and challenges in the form of technical experiments and games. In September, we organized a mathematics class during a project week in which students had to apply their mathematical skills to a complex calculation related to a wafer handler in a Vertical Furnace.


As part of ASMI’s commitment to corporate responsibility, ASMI is exploring how to support people with limited job prospects due to their health, mental or physical condition. This initiative is part of the Dutch Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen (PSO) program, the Dutch scheme for social entrepreneurship, to encourage employers to make a sustainable contribution to the job market.

In 2018, we implemented the findings based on the results of an internal analysis conducted in 2017. In November as part of the application for the PSO certification, we were audited by certified external experts. The audit outcome provided ASMI with the certificate at ‘Aspirant status’. In cooperation with an external advisor, we are now focused on obtaining the Level 1 certificate in the coming two years, confirming our commitments to corporate responsibility.



Over the past 50 years we have grown to become a leading global supplier
of semiconductor wafer processing equipment. A company that develops
innovative process solutions for our customers, and manages itself in the best
interests of our investors, our employees, society, and other stakeholders.

Yet now is the time to enter a new era of innovation, to embark on the next
phase of growth. We understand that this requires commitment and strength
across many areas. From innovation in R&D, to advancing new technologies
and addressing new applications. From developing our people, to creating
even stronger relationships with key customers.

This is how we will take the next leap forward.


Of new materials






Our roadmap to the future will enable us to not only
achieve our next phase of growth, it will ensure we
can continue to help our customers achieve their
technology roadmaps for next-generation devices.


Our technology helps drive innovation, increasing the number of scientific breakthroughs, many of which are achieved from our advanced process equipment that deposits new materials with precision and productivity, positively benefiting society in sectors from healthcare and education, to transport and energy.


For semiconductor manufacturers, scaling chips
to smaller dimensions is an ongoing challenge.
Our innovations and equipment are vital in helping make many of these transitions happen.


Striving for efficiency ensures that our
customers get the products, services,
and results they expect. Intensifying
our focus on efficiency will make us a
stronger company, ready to take the
next leap forward.







We are a multinational company that
embraces diversity in every sense
of the word. With 29 different
nationalities working across the
company, we combine our talents
to drive innovation.


Achieving our ambitions takes intelligence, knowledge, skill,
determination, and dedication. And it is this combination of
qualities that we nurture in our people.


Our goal is to impact tomorrow’s generation
as positively as we’ve impacted today’s.
Making this happen takes the xtraordinary
talent of our people, who work together
to drive innovation and deliver excellence.

Expanding the






Collaboration is fundamental to our
continued success; from working
with our customers to optimize our
equipment and processes to enable
their technology roadmaps, to
creating partnerships on cutting-edge
research and development.


Operational excellence is one of the essential
pillars of our strategy, which enables us to provide
our customers with the high-quality, leading-edge
products and services they demand.


R&D is central to our development,
leading to new device architectures,
new materials, and new processes
that strengthen our competitive
positioning and enable our customers
to deliver the next-generation chips.


By extending our technological scope with a
more diverse product portfolio, we can help our
customers continue to advance their business
while growing our own in new market segments.

Moore with






We create long-term value for our
stakeholders in a variety of ways.
From working with our customers
to develop innovative solutions, to
ensuring value creation growth
and positive investor returns.


We are committed to positively
contributing to society and
reducing our impact on the
environment. Only then can
we truly say we are helping
create more with less.


We believe sustainability takes many forms.
From developing sustainable technology
roadmaps for our customers, to creating
a sustainable living environment for all.


Safety is a front-line requirement,
which is why our ZERO HARM!
policy outlines our vision on product
safety, and our CR policy lays out
our commitment and expectations
towards health and safety.